Worcester, MA Launch for The Incredible Sestina Anthology!

Burnside_Fountain_-_Worcester,_MA_-_DSC05765 (1)

The Incredible Sestina Anthology takes its road show to Worcester, Massachusetts, home of one of the most intriguing cross-species love affair-commemorating public statuary in North America. Details below.

Sunday, April 6, 7pm
Featuring Daniel Nester, Victor D. Infante, and other contributors to the anthology, along with special guest sestina readings from local poets, including Lea Deschenes, Heather Macpherson and Jenith Charpentier.
Nick’s Restaurant and Bar (as recently seen in the movie American Hustle)
124 Millbury St., Worcester, MA 01610
Preceded by TISA contributor Victor D. Infante reading T.S. Eliot for The Hangover Hour at 5pm
Facebook event page


One response to “Worcester, MA Launch for The Incredible Sestina Anthology!

  1. My sestina fro your enjoyment:
    The sestina, a poetic form, was invented by Arnaut Daniel
    He was a troubadour poet of the eleventh century
    The sestina is hardly a siesta
    The sestina has been used by Dante
    It has also been used by W.H. Auden
    And even by Ezra Pound

    When used by Pound
    Long since dead was Daniel
    Closer in time to Pound was Auden
    Both lived in the same century
    Long before their time lived Dante
    Records do not show if any favored the siesta

    After attempting the sestina the poet needs a siesta
    To recuperate from thinking and his typewriter to pound
    Not having a typewriter, this problem was not faced by Dante
    And even less by Arnaut Daniel
    Who lived in an earlier century
    A typewriter could have been used by Auden


    The sestina sorely tried Auden
    Especially his sestina to a Spanish maid: “Si, Esta”
    He thereafter swore off sestinas for a half-century
    Perhaps the form was responsible for all the later problems of Pound
    The sestina would try the patience of (since I can’t use Job) Daniel
    It may have been the inspiration for the Hell of Dante

    The canto (or all of them) was probably easier for Dante
    If he learned this form at Oxford, sorry not to have gone to Cambridge was Auden
    Cursed be the inventor of the sestina: the insidious Daniel
    May he suffer in Hell a lengthy siesta
    Where (for other reasons) resides Pound
    He has been there less than a century

    I wouldn’t try the sestina again to be named poet of the century
    It’s more for someone with the talent of Dante
    It’s easier to run a dog pound
    Enough my poetic horizons to try to br auden
    I’m beat. I deserve a siesta
    Damnation upon you, dissembling Daniel

    Well, Auden pulled it off, so did Pound
    So did Dante and, perforce, Daniel
    My damn pulling at it is over. Time for my siesta

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