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Worcester, MA Launch for The Incredible Sestina Anthology!

Burnside_Fountain_-_Worcester,_MA_-_DSC05765 (1)

The Incredible Sestina Anthology takes its road show to Worcester, Massachusetts, home of one of the most intriguing cross-species love affair-commemorating public statuary in North America. Details below.

Sunday, April 6, 7pm
Featuring Daniel Nester, Victor D. Infante, and other contributors to the anthology, along with special guest sestina readings from local poets, including Lea Deschenes, Heather Macpherson and Jenith Charpentier.
Nick’s Restaurant and Bar (as recently seen in the movie American Hustle)
124 Millbury St., Worcester, MA 01610
Preceded by TISA contributor Victor D. Infante reading T.S. Eliot for The Hangover Hour at 5pm
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