SestinaWatch Vol. 3: Halloween Edition: We’ve Got Vampires


The Incredible Sestina Anthology alongside two fellow upcoming Write Bloody Books. Cristin and Jade both have sestinas in the anthology!

Hey all! This is Alex Tunney, another member (and another Alex) of Team Sestina. Would that be the Ses-team-a? You may have seen one of my Behind the Sestina interviews already, and there a few more to come. Since I can see into the future (or at least in the shared Dropbox folder), I can see the planning going on behind the scenes for total sestina world domination. The Incredible Sestina Anthology will be coming to your town or least the nearest metropolitan area!

While I’m excited for the future of the anthology, I’m going to indulge myself and take you readers on brief trip down memory lane. A long time ago (2007, flip phones were still a thing), this sestina anthology was still in its infancy and I volunteered to help Nester out. I believe Dan and I called it a “job-ternship.” When I was a college student, it seemed so daunting emailing these people; these were capital ‘P’ poets. Over the years, I’ve been able to meet some of these great talents in person. You’ll see in the anthology and the Behind the Sestina interviews how the poets reference similar topics as well as citing other poets and sestinas as influences. It just goes to show you how connected we are in this crazy world.

I also remember suggesting Spiralling into Madness as a title. This was referencing both the spiral pattern that is associated with the sestina and also the obsessive nature of sestina– I mean, you are repeating the same 6 words (or 1 word in some cases) over and over again. There was also the fact I was an occasionally mopey teenager in college. I’m really glad my teenage angst was not immortalized via book. Besides, The Incredible Sestina Anthology has a lot more pizzaz, don’t you think?

Speaking of scary things (and teenage angst is scary, although, for different reasons depending on your age) and the upcoming Halloween holiday, this third SestinaWatch is full of monsters. We’ve got vampires! People like vampires, right? Or have we moved on to dystopias and mermaids? Anyways, sestina stuff under the cut!

  • Here’s a 1939 recording of Ezra Pound reading “Sestina: Altaforte.” Fun fact: This sestina is also known as the “Bloody Sestina.”
  • Check out performance poet Bao Phi’s brilliant “Godzilla Sestina.”
  • The Incredible Sestina Anthology shows how poets can push the boundaries of what a sestina is. Jen Bervin presents the “Button Sestina” as a part of her Apiary series. (Click on the image two times to reach the about page.)
  • Oh right, promised you vampire stuff. Here you go: “Vampire Sestina” by Neil Gaiman.
  • Having trouble writing your sestina? Let the sestin-a-matic help you out. (Disclaimer: The staff at The Incredible Sestina Anthology blog is not responsible if the sestin-a-matic goes rogue and tries to take over the world.)

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